President Ma and the Reconstruction Council Express their Gratitude towards Engineers’ Contributions in Morakot Reconstruction on June 6th Engineer’s Day


The government has invested more than a hundred billion dollars in Morakot post-disaster reconstruction efforts, and behind each reconstruction project is a team of hardworking engineering professionals. On the eve before Engineer’s Day (June 6th), President Ma Ying-jeou and the Morakot Post-Disaster Reconstruction Council, Executive Yuan expressed their highest gratitude and respect for all the engineers who have dedicated their efforts and contributions towards the reconstruction process that is being successfully completed in stages. In addition, the vast amount of resources and funding invested in the aggressive reconstruction of areas in Southern Taiwan which were hit the hardest is a clear example of the government’s assertive efforts to carry out construction in the south.

Currently, the government has invested 15 billion NTD in the reconstruction of Kaohsiung City’s Nanhen Business Circle comprising of areas such as Jiasshxian, Liugui, Baolai, Namaxia, and Cishan. Of this, 6.5 billion NTD was allocated to subsidize reconstruction of Kaohsiung City. In addition, the highlights of yesterday’s (June 4th) events in the Liugui and Baolai regions include the Sinfa Bridge opening ceremony on Provincial Highway No.27, the opening ceremony for the Baolai Visitor’s Center, and also a hot spring and agricultural specialty produce carnival. 4.5 billion NTD has already been invested in basic infrastructure, reconstruction of the hot spring industry, and permanent housing construction in the Liugui and Baolai areas. The third anniversary of the reconstruction efforts will arrive in August 2012, with the government spending a total of 19.4 billion NTD in overall reconstruction funding for Kaohsiung City.

Deputy CEO Dr. Chern Jenn-Chuan of the Reconstruction Council likened the fact that Rome was not built in one day to post-disaster efforts being the culmination of the engineers working hard day and night to execute a detailed, efficient plan. On the day before June 6th, Engineer’s Day, President Ma took part in the Sinfa Bridge opening ceremony, the Visitor’s Center opening ceremony, and a banquet to thank members of the reconstruction efforts from the China Steel Corporation, MOTC’s Directorate General of Highways, Tourism Bureau, MOFA’s Water Resources Agency, CoA’s Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Forestry Bureau, and the Kaohsiung City Government. He expressed how grateful he was for the hard work and contributions towards reconstruction work in the Liugui and Baolai areas, offering his highest commendations, encouragement, and praise. Village chiefs, district chiefs, local elected representatives, and residents and industry representatives dedicated towards reconstruction efforts were also present to witness this touching scene.

Deputy CEO Dr. Chern stated that the public has already begun to notice the difference as various Morakot post-disaster reconstruction projects have been completed. People have been saying that the roads leading to Liugui and Baolai are becoming increasingly flatter and clearer. This achievement was only possible through the active contributions from all engineers involved. After such a long period of grueling anticipation for tourism operators and agricultural businesses, we can finally announce to the nation that traffic access to the Liugui and Baolai regions has successfully been restored. Businesses offering agricultural specialty produce and tourism operators are prepared to receive visitors once more, and everyone is welcome to visit Liugui and Baolai without worry. In particular, President Ma extolled the finished Sinfa Bridge for being “longer, taller, wider, safer, and more beautiful”, while also serving as a scenic landmark and concrete example of post-disaster reconstruction in Southern Taiwan. The Reconstruction Council will continue to work with various governmental branches and local governments to actively implement various forms of basic infrastructure and industry rebuilding efforts. The aim is to complete reconstruction effectively, within the duration of the Special Act, so that everyday life for individuals and businesses in the Morakot Disaster areas may return to normal as soon as possible.







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