Vice President Wu Den-yih Commends Permanent Housing Community Building through Awards


On January 18th, the Executive Yuan’s Morakot Post-Disaster Reconstruction Council held a permanent housing site outstanding community evaluation awards ceremony at the Shanlin Da Ai Community in Kaohsiung. The event was lively, combined with an indigenous music concert, community visiting, happy market, and other activities. Vice-President Wu Den-yih was in attendance to present awards to 35 award winners, recognizing the spirit of love and charity in these individuals through concrete actions. He also took photographs with the award winners during this simple, solemn, yet moving ceremony. Important guests present included CEO Chern Jenn-Chuan of the Reconstruction Council, Executive Yuan Minister Without Portfolio Yang Chiu-hsing, Administrative Deputy Minister of the Council of Indigenous Peoples Calivat Gadu, National Policy Advisor Hua Chia-chih, and Secretary of Ministry of Health and Welfare Lee Mei-zhen. They were present at the ceremony along with approximately 1,200 residents from permanent housing communities spanning 7 counties and cities.

Vice President Wu thanked all parties for assisting in the Typhoon Morakot post-disaster reconstruction efforts on behalf of President Ma Ying-jeou. He stated that over more than 4 years of reconstruction efforts, 3,495 permanent housing units in 41 locations have been completed and approximately 12,000 people have moved into them. Various indicative basic infrastructure items have gradually been completed, and various stages of guidance in agriculture, tourism, and specialty industries are now complete in terms of industrial reconstruction. The current focus of post-disaster reconstruction has shifted from hardware reconstruction to software reconstruction and gradually adjusting now to the establishment and operation of sustainable communities. He hoped that all the permanent housing sites would successfully pursue sustainable developments. He then toured the Da Ai Community’s owl themed exhibition and recognized the Da Ai Community’s independent development of the “Launch Happiness, Good News Owl” series of activities. Related owl cultural creative handicrafts allow visiting guests to experience the power of growth within the community. The hope is that more visitors will come to the Da Ai Community and other permanent housing sites to encourage residents’ continual hard work.

CEO Chern stated that although monetary rewards were not provided for this evaluation, various local governments and communities still took it very seriously. Up to 68 recommendations were made this year. The Reconstruction Council carefully selected the award winners through utilizing principles of just, public, transparent processes. Though regrets are inevitable during the selection process, simply being recommended is an affirmation in itself. The Reconstruction Council is very grateful for the dedication and sacrifices of all parties. Future sustainable developments in these communities still requires everyone’s joint effort in creating different characteristics and advantages in their new homes.

Community organization award recipient Chairman Huang Zhi-ming stated that he wanted to thank the government and charitable private individuals for their continual concern for Taitung’s Kaaluwan Community. He recognized the efforts, which have been put forth towards reconstruction efforts in Kaaluwan and other regions. He attributed all honor to God’s grace, and offered blessings of peace and joy to all residents.

Environment and space utilization award recipient chairperson Xu Hui-juan of Pingtung stated that people often ask how the Rinari Community takes care of its environment and space. The community uses a grateful, cherishing attitude when decorating our new home and new community. This sort of attitude and consensus amongst people within the tribe is the only way to repay everyone for the love and sacrifice they have made for the Rinari Community. Your presence is the most encouragement we have towards reconstructing our community.

Winner of the community contribution award, Mr. Lin Jun-xiong, stated that as we draw from the greater love of life as a whole, so should we give back to the greater love. He offered everyone present words of encouragement for their continual dedications and contributions to communities, “we gather because of the disaster of August 8th, a grand meld like never before. Concerned with ecological cultural and livelihood, let us work together for sustainable love”.

The Reconstruction Council stated that through the government’s active promotion of permanent housing and rainbow sustainable communities, some permanent housing sites are gradually becoming renowned tourism sites, such as the Provence of Taiwan at Rinari Community, Wulaluzi Community known as a new paradise, and the owls at Da Ai Community. These locations have won the widespread praise of both domestic and foreign visitors. There were 35 award winners in this time’s community evaluation, with awards including the “community organization award”, “environment and space utilization award”, and “community contribution award”. Please refer to the attachment for the list of winners.
Morakot Reconstruction Zone Permanent Housing Site Outstanding Community Evaluation Award Winners:
1. Community Organization Award:10 organizations including Taitung County’s Jinfeng Township Kaaluwan Community Development Association, Pingtung County’s Xinlaiyi Community Development Association, Kaohsiung County’s Taoyuan Township Reconstruction Development Association, Chiayi County’s Fanlu Township Zhulu Community Development Association, Pingtung County’s Wutai Township Rukai Tribe Industry Development Association, Pingtung County’s Taiwu Township Indigenous Coffee Production Co-Op, Kaohsiung County’s Shanlin 88 Reconstruction Association, Chiayi County’s Alishan Township Leyefenghong Community Management Committee, Pingtung County’s Gaoshi Village Community Development Association, and Taitung County’s Dawu Township Daniau Village Pacavalj Tribal Workship.

2.Environment and Space Utilization Award: 9 communities including Pingtung County’s Rinari Community, Kaohsiung City’s Sunlight Xiaolin Community, Nantou County and Nantou City’s Shenmu Community, Pingtung County’s Wulaluzi Community, Kaohsiung City’s Taoyuan Disctrict Lele Community, Chiayi County Alishan Township’s Saviki Community, Nantou County’s Shuili Township Changliyuan Community, Chiayi County’s Alishan Township Leyefenghong Community, and Taitung County’s Dawu Township Daniau Community.

3.Community Contribution Award: 16 units and individuals including Mr. Lin Jun-xiong of the Da Ai Community, Taiwan Red Cross Nantou County Branch, Mr. Li Jin-rong of the Xiaoai Xiaolin Community, Mr. Hou Yuan-zhong of the Shenmu Community, Mr. Zhuang Mo-e of the Zhulu Community, the Mindao Foundation of Chiayi County, Ms. Chen Hui-lian of the Shanlin Da Ai Community, Mr. Chen Zai-hui of the Rinari Community, Mr. Wang Ming-liang of the Sunlight Xiaolin Community, Mr. Yan He of the Wulaluzi Community, Mr. Ke Xin-xiong of the Changzhi Baihe Community, Mr. Zhang Rui-xiong of the Shanlin Da Ai Community, Ms. Xu Hui-juan of the Rinari Community, Ms. Guo Chen Gui-ying of the Taimali Deqi Section, the Chiayi County Double Bliss Foundation, and Ms. Wang Xiao-tong of the Daniau Community.

Vice President Wu Den-yih toured owl themed exhibition


Vice President Wu Den-yih Visited Shanlin Da-Ai Community


Vice President Wu Den-yih Commends Permanent Housing Community Building through Awards

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